Metro Transit Instruction Videos

Policies and Procedures

3rd Street Queue Jump

ADA Bus Stops

Artic Training

Be a Fare Informer

Class B Pre-Trip

High Floor Artic Lift

I Am a Person

Lift Training

Look & See- Pedestrian and Bicycle Awareness

Make the Right Call

Making Relief


Metro Transit Pre-Trip


Newport Transit Station

Nicollet Mall 2018


Rail Sleepers

Recognizing 8 Signs


Route 12 RR Crossing Excelsior/Milwaukee

Runaway Bus

Safe Driving Maneuvers

Secure It Up

Security Awareness

Shoulder Lane

State Fair Transit Center


Return to Nicollet Mall

Union Depot

Uptown Station Scuffle

Visually Impaired Training


Winter Driving

Safety Keys

Critical Point

Distracted Driving

Malibu vs. Bel Air

NYT- Distracted Driving

POD Videos

Bobby (Safety) PODXVII

Bus Operator Olympic Legends- Bill Diaz

Bus Operator Olympic Legends- Edna Quinn

Bus Operator Olympic Legends- Jim Rounds

Bus Operator Stretches


Curtiss (Safety) PODXVII

Customer Service PSA- Doug

Customer Service PSA- Joanna

Customer Service PSA- Yumi

Customer Service Stories

Doug (Safety) PODXVII

I Am Metro Transit

Iced Tea Commercial

Jerry (Safety) PODXVII

SPIT Commercial- Joanna

SPIT Commercial- Doug


TCC/MTPD Response